An overpayment occurs when unemployment benefits are paid and it is later determined that unemployment benefits should not have been paid (not eligible or entitled). These unemployment benefits must be paid back. You may pay your overpayment online using MyUI or via mail.

Some of the common causes of overpayments include:

  • A hearing officer’s decision reverses a previous award of unemployment benefits.
  • You are disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits due to being responsible for a job separation.
  • Your weekly and/or maximum benefit amount changes (a monetary redetermination is made) because your wage information was incorrect when the claim was initially filed.
  • You do not notify us that you do not meet the eligibility requirements.
  • You or your former employer(s) do not disclose that you received vacation pay, severance pay, or other similar pay after a job separation.
  • You do not correctly report your hours worked and wages earned while requesting payment or unemployment benefits.
  • The overpayment is caused by administrative error.

Arrange a Repayment Agreement

If you cannot repay the overpayment in full, contact us for more information about a repayment agreement.

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